The experience starts at our Scilly Spirit Distillery in Old Town where we serve you our Island Gin and tonic.

You will have a guided tour of our distillery and see our beautiful stills, Bishop and Daisy, whilst learning about distillation and the history of gin.

Then it’s over to the Gin School where you will take charge of your own mini still. Our library of over 60 botanicals will be available for you to create a ‘recipe’ for your own gin. We will guide you through the flavour profiles to craft a delicious spirit!

Whilst your still works it’s magic, you chose a name for your gin and we will label your finished bottle to take home to share with your family and friends. There should even be enough from your still to end the experience with your own gins and tonic, selecting a suitable tonic from our bar! You will leave with your gin and a bottle of our Island Gin in a branded bottle carrier bag.

We will keep your recipe and if you wish to order it again, we will make it up and send it to you.